Indigo-Wereld connects quite different worlds. Each person has his own life story, her own vision, a private history. By sharing narratives, you don’t just share knowledge, but equally important .. emotions. Working, worrying, laughing, living together .. for Indigo-Wereld, these are all means to connect in freedom and all kinds of diversity, with your inner self and with each other. Connected, we all gain strength!

Indigo-Wereld is initiated by Carola Eijsenring (1954). Since 2006, she creates as a social entrepreneur a broad range of activities and projects, in which she develops possibilities to connect worlds of difference. Graduated as an orthopedagogue (Educational Science), she worked for more than 25 years in various professions in the intersectional fields of education and welfare, always from a multicultural point of view.

Her widespread experience as bridge builder, creator of cross-cultural chances and expert in the field of empowering hidden talents, she now makes use of for all of the projects in her own enterprise Indigo-Wereld. Thereby, she cooperates regularly and with joy, with other professionals in various fields, freelancers as well as volunteer workers.

Get in Touch

Indigo-Wereld developed the program ‘Get in Touch with people & places in Eindhoven’, meant for spouses of international knowledge workers. 

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The Inner Power

Indigo-Wereld offers the Group Coaching Program ‘The Inner Power, embracing your hidden qualities’, meant for students who are struggling with personal setbacks.

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Get in Touch


Indigo-Wereld developed the program ‘Get in Touch with people & places in Eindhoven’, meant for spouses of international knowledge workers.

The program helps the ´accompanying´ spouses to feel at home in a very short time. 

Right from the beginning the participants start building their personal network. Attractive trips & tours help them find out what the new hometown has to offer in regard to educational, cultural and social facilities.

Besides, they could orientate on (un)paid jobs, studies or other meaningful activities.

Iro Perera, one of the spouses and co-coordinator of Get in Touch: ‘Get in Touch has been a life saver for me. It helped me connect with my new town. I got a lot of friends. I feel at home now’.

Get in Touch helps international spouses to find an anchoring in the new residence. Along with their partners, they face the challenge to create a stable home to live up to the investment of their mission.

‘HR management has not only to do with the job and the workload, but should also support the spouses. The program helps them to make friends and to have an idea of what Eindhoven has to offer.’ (Mr. J.P. van Ham, Vice President of the Executive Board of  TU/e)

In other words: happy spouses leads to happy employees and therefore happy employers. 

Get in offers a variety of activities:

  • Weekly trips, tours or network meetings, educationally, culturally and socially to get in touch with people & places and start building a new personal network.
  • Short track projects next to the weekly meetings, such as: dance and music groups, film project, group talks.
  • Coaching & counseling around ‘the challenges of living abroad’ and  (external) support when seeking for (un)paid jobs, studies or other meaningful activities.

In consultation a suitable package will be offered, tailor made to your needs.

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The Inner Power


Indigo-Wereld offers  the practical Group Coaching Program ‘The Inner Power, embracing your hidden qualities’.

The program supports students who are struggling with severe study delay or even cessation of study, due to personal and/or social setbacks.

In close cooperation with Fontys Teacher Training College Eindhoven, some good experiences have been achieved with positive results for the students involved and for the college as well.

In five sessions, students get a more positive image of their ‘inner world’. They resume their otivation and take once more the responsibility for their own study career.

Sokaina Erradouane: ‘It has learned me to dare to look a bit further ahead and to pull the best out of myself. I got the feeling that it isn’t that bad to open yourself and that working through bad patches is part of life, with support of others’.

The program helps students to get a better view on obstructive as well as assisting aspects of their ‘inner world’. Supported by a positive approach, they pick up their hidden qualities and motivation. Equipped by this, they are capable to take their responsibility again for their own study career.

We saw that the students were  benefitting from the program, they felt better about themselves and chose more consciously for a positive focus’, (Mr. H.J.T. van de Ven, managing director of Fontys Academy Child and Education).

The program contains various characteristics:

  • Five sessions spread over 5-10 weeks
  • Small groups of 5-10 persons
  • Various methods: group talks, individual instructions, working in subgroups of two or more people
  • A positive focus, based on recognition of hindrances
  • Centered around practical tools and successful experiences
  • Targeting towards ambitions, dreams and sustained perspectives.

In consultation a suitable package will be offered, tailor made to your needs.

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What else do we offer


Indigo-Wereld organizes a lot more. Besides the two larger projects, we are in for any new intiatives or signals from the outside world.

When it fits into the main perspective 'connecting worlds of difference', we develop with enthusiasm, together with you, new valuable projects and activities.

Two of those we present in this part: 'The Chamber of Tales of Indigo-Wereld' and Group Talks with Parents'.

Regularly Indigo-Wereld organizes her ‘Chamber of Tales’. This is set up as an opportunity, 5-6 times a year, for outstanding men and women to tell, read or perform their stories.


Sharing stories enriches yourself and each other. 


Storytellers telling their tales and an audience that listens. After the break: a piece of music, some poems, a short recital or a film fragment. Each time a different key speaker: a writer from Congo; a Palestinian woman who runs a ‘House of Tales’ in Bethlehem; a passionate Dutch peace activist; a powerful Afghan woman; a Sister of Love, 90 years old. Stories of world citizens about their passions, experiences, their views of life. About their strength and dreams. One by one more than worth sharing.  


These sessions are organized by Indigo-Wereld in co-operation with the Center for Reflection and Encounter Saint Joseph. From January 2014 onwards, some English spoken ‘Chambers of Tales’ are planned, on Sunday afternoons. Signing up is desirable, but not mandatory. Admission €5,00, to be paid cash at the counter


Parents and teachers: both of them educators who are responsible for the welfare of the children and their success at school.


The more parents are involved in the school and the more teachers get acquainted with the home environment of their pupils, the better both ‘educational partners’ will develop a clear understanding between each other. An optimal teamwork will add to the results of the children. Group talks with parents could substantially support this.


Indigo-Wereld offers parents short serials of 3-5 group talks about the ins & outs in kindergartens and primary schools. Specific themes are: contact with school, multilingual education, how to support the children at home. Expertise has been developed for years in close co-operation with Forum, the nationwide institute for diversity issues. For their ‘Parents Academy’, Indigo-Wereld developed several modules and regularly carries  out thematic courses for parents, commissioned by Forum.


Parental Group Talks could be ordered throughout the whole year and will be held at school.

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Spouses meet up in Get in Touch

EINDHOVEN - De veelal jonge vrouwen van buitenlandse onderzoekers op de TU/e voelen zich wel eens alleen. Get in touch vangt de wederhelften op en maakt ze wegwijs.

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Reflection on the threshold of moving out

Pushing announcements like these bounce back to us from all sides. Invitations to speed up your decisions, your experiences, your life. Surely, it's appealing to follow the flux and not miss any interesting event. But it withholds you also from contemplating about life.

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Between Nosiness and Interest

Recently, I travelled to Den Bosch. I love public transport. Endless dozing, reading books, working on reports or dreaming away. Gazing out of the window, I heard people talking. In a same tone of voice, I find it reassuring and helpful to nod off. Not this time. Loud voices kept me awake, whether I liked it or not.

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Chaotic and wise

So now I am sweating over my first little story.
Who am I? A chaotic time struggler with too many tasks to fulfill? A calm and wise person with a deep inner self confidence? A woman balancing between these two extremes? Let me introduce myself properly.

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Memory Lane

Waiting on platform 5 of Amsterdam Central Station. Not too busy for a vacation period. What does occur to me is a remarkable number of grandmas, grandpas and their grandchildren, being waved farewell or embraced back home by their parents.

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